sara beth fachetti

healed and free with 

If we were irl friends,

you would know...


I consider quiet, time, and space the greatest luxuries, and I prefer mine in the woods.


used to be a starbucks addict but now my treat drink is Thai iced tea. 


If I could be reborn, I'd come back as a Latina. Me encantan Latin Cultura.


I only journal using notebooks made by Fringe Studio. Obsessed. have a big collection.

,,,just don't ask me to salsa bc the spins give me motion sickness... 

All about

Slow mornings, the woods, good movies, bonfires, card games, power walks, deep talks, deep laughs, home


Pretentious people, snakes, manual labor, horror & psycho-thrillers, exclusion, willful ignorance, band-aid fixes, complacency.

agree? we're probably Best friends.

learning. healing. growing. living well. saving the planet. finding inner peace. being true to yourself. 

about sara

(the rundown - because writing about pages is painful for everybody.)

what i do:

my passions, broadly:

I create products & services that help you cultivate a healthier inner and outer life. 

neuroscience, psychology, sociology, & dang common sense.

my focus areas more specifically:

B.A. in Analytical Writing for the Media from Binghamton University. Survivor of 22 years of complex emotional trauma. Healing success story.

my background:

Adults young and old who are hurting and looking for relief. People who can't afford traditional therapy. People who are tired and need change. People who are over toxic positivity and all the pushy ads on the internet. People who love cuss words, sweatpants, carbs, the planet, the simple things, and sappy movies that make you cry.

who i'm for (audience):

Companies and entrepreneurs who deeply care about helping people heal, saving the planet, righting social injustices, and making magic happen!

who i'm for (partnerships):

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