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I'm a blogger and 3-time entrepreneur who's studied business for over ten years. Along the way, I became so knowledgeable that friends sought me for help. I've consulted with dietitians, life coaches, artists, celebrants, and nonprofits. My specialties lie in helping a business bring their vision to life via their online presence. I get so fired up by helping someone bring their big and beautiful dreams to life! 

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I can help you take your idea and craft it into a model that will generate profit whether that be through services, products, or a combination. What you're selling, how you're selling it, and how much you're selling it FOR are all up for discussion here. 



Business Model 


Branding & Website

I can collaborate with you to create your business' first brand identity (it's the "first" one because most brands always change it up eventually, even if only slightly. Hey, look at Target. They just made the actual Target symbol WHITE!)

I can also you pinpoint the right platform on which to build and manage your website and customize a template for an original and stylish aesthetic.


Marketing  Strategy

While content marketing needs to be a part of every business's marketing plan in this age, there are other marketing strategies worth exploring depending on your product or service. These might entail influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and paid advertising. We'll explore which of these might be best utilized for your business and how to go about using them to their best advantage.


I provide consulting and collateral in the areas mentioned below. consulting covers strategy and execution. collateral includes branding, websites, and other graphic deliverables. I can also provide copywriting and photography (local to nc.)

Writing cred: been writing since 6, blogging since 2002, and graduated with a degree in it in 2007.

Photography: My first biz was as a portrait phtoographer! It runs in the family. 

Grpahic and web design - I'm a self-taught web and graphic designer whose been diy'ing my own stuff since 2011. 

Strategy & workflow: I've worked in administrative capacities building efficient & streamlined systems as my 9-5 for 10 years.

Biz chops: I launched my photo biz in 2011, a furniture biz in 2012, and I've been consulting since 2013.

Content  Strategy

Content marketing needs to be a part of every business's marketing arsenal. A content strategy could include social media, email, blogging, video, and podcasting. I offer distinctive consulting packages for social media and email, respectively, because for the most part, they should be a part of every business's strategy. My content consulting package focuses on the remaining three - blogging, podcasting, and video. 

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I specialize in working with people who have never launched before.


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I work on platforms and teach you tools that are easy to learn & affordable.

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"Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together."

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